Jean Ziegler - L'optimisme de la volonté
Un film de Nicolas Wadimoff

Film director

Nicolas Wadimoff (1964, Geneva), director and producer :

Studied cinema in Montreal.

1991, directed “Le Bol”, documentary, selected at Locarno Festival.

1992 to 1996, director at Swiss Television for news magazines.

1996, produced and directed “Cyber-Guerilla”, documentary about the use of Internet in
the Zapatista Revolution. Directed his first feature length fiction, “Clandestins”, (over fifteen awards at international festivals).

1997-2002: Produces and directs adverts and corporate films, documentaries and fiction films, including “Les Jeux au cœur des Alpes”, official film for the Sion bid to host the 2006 Olympic Games, and the feature length cinema film “Mondialito”.

Directed two documentaries on Alinghi, Swiss challenge for the America’s Cup.

2005, directed “L’Accord”, documentary telling the behind the scenes story of the Geneva Initiative (world premiere at Locarno Festival).

2006, co-produced “Summer 2006 in Palestine”, collection of 13 shorts by Palestinian filmmakers. Directed the fictional part of a docudrama for Arte, “Les Mystères de Monte Sana”.

2006-2007, directed two 26 minutes episodes for the “Toutes les Télés du Monde” series, for Arte.

2008, produced “Dowaha” (The Buried Secrets) by Raja Amari, shortlisted at the 2009 Venice Film Festival and “Fix Me” by Raed Andoni, shortlisted at the 2010 Sundance Festival.

2009, directed the documentary “Aisheen” (Still Alive in Gaza), “Ecumenical Prize” at the Berlinale in February 2010 (over 30 festivals selections).

2012, directed “Opération Libertad”, feature length fiction film, (selected at Directors’ Fortnight, Cannes Film Festival 2012).

2014, directed “Spartiates”, documentary, “Prix de Soleure”, Soleure Film Festival 2015.

2016, directed “Jean Ziegler, the optimism of willpower”, documentary, selected at Locarno Film Festival.